SCFN is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the humane care and control of the homeless cat population of Brevard County, Florida.   SCFN believes Trap-Neuter-Return is the humane, cost-effective, and tenable method to reduce cat overpopulation.


There are many ways to help and support SCFN in our efforts to reduce the abandoned/community cat population.  These include donations, volunteering, or contributing silent auction items for our annual fundraiser (and attending, of course!).

Monetary donations can be made using PayPal, check or money order, or by credit card. Donate Now!Click here to make an immediate contribution to our general fund, or go to our donations page, where targeted giving can be made (to our Food Bank, or other special needs, such as our spay/neuter clinics, etc.)

As a non-profit organization, assistance is always needed, including helping at our spay/neuter clinics, fostering kitties, or trapping. Click here for more info on volunteer opportunities available.

We haven’t had an in-person fundraiser since the pandemic but are wanting to get back on track and have a spectacular event in Spring 2024!  Tentative date is Saturday, April 13th, at Dixie Crossroads restaurant in Titusville!


Throughout the world, the trap-neuter-return (TNR) policy has been proven effective and considerably less expensive than euthanasia with the goal of zero population growth as the cats live their lives and then die out through natural attrition. TNR Works!!


SCFN is resuming our S/N  clinics on a limited basis, however everything has changed.  Keeping the information below as a placeholder for now.

SCFN conducts periodic spay/neuter clinics throughout Brevard County for feral cats. We provide traps for caretakers and trappers to capture feral cats and transport to the clinics. The cost of surgery and vaccinations is $40.00 per cat. We ask for donations from the caretakers and others to defray this cost, however, SFCN uses monies from fund raising activities to pay for surgeries that caretakers and trappers cannot afford to pay.

Over 10,000 feral cats have been spayed/neutered, preventing the births of millions of homeless kittens in Brevard County.  To schedule cats for our next spay/neuter clinic (Sunday, February 2, 2020), please call our Help Line @ 321-631-7729 (SPAY) or click the reservations link below:

Make Reservations for SCFN Spay/Neuter Clinic


Starting back in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Space Programs era, feral cat colonies had flourished in the vast lush wilderness of the Kennedy Space Center complex in Brevard County, Florida. The feral cats created problems with space operations and KSC management attempted to eliminate the problems by trapping the feral cats. After being taken to the local shelters, the cats were deemed unadoptable and summarily euthanized. After years of employing this trap and kill strategy, it was apparent that it was not working, The colony population was not decreasing. Several KSC workers were appalled by the killing of these creatures and set about to form Space Coast Feline Network in early 1996 to stop the killing and find other alternatives.

Based upon extensive research of successful feral cat management in various communities in the United States, SCFN took a different approach. Club members began finding homes for all of the kittens rescued at KSC and caring for the feral adult cats who were provided a temporary sanctuary on KSC property. Within the first three years, more than 100 cats and kittens were rescued at KSC alone!

SCFN then expanded its feral cat operations throughout Brevard County, with volunteers giving time and money to provide care, spay/neuter and vaccinations for feral cat colonies.  Working with other local organizations and volunteers, Alley Cat Allies, and Brevard County Sheriff Animal Services, SCFN is now a leader in Brevard County supporting abandoned/community cats.


Reducing Brevard County’s abandoned/community cat population takes efforts from many organizations, including other grassroots animal welfare organizations, county animal services and law enforcement, local businesses, and citizens like yourself!

Return-To_FieldPAWS (Purrs and Whiskers Shelter)
Last Chance Sanctuary
HOPE (Helping Overpopulation of Pets End)
Alley Cat Allies
SPCA of Brevard (Titusville)
Brevard Humane Society (Cocoa)
Brevard County Sheriff’s Animal Services
PetSmart, Petco, and Pet Supermarket
Best Friends Cremation

These are just few of the pieces of the TNR puzzle.  Check our adoption and low-cost spay neuter pages for links, and as always, thank you for supporting the kitties!

Purrs and Whiskers ShelterAlley Cat Allies       Best Friends Cremation